Welcome to the Me3dnd4e WikiEdit

This is a fan project to convert Mass Effect to Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. We claim zero ownership over any concepts, intellectual property, or other things we don't own, and we won't make a penny off this. Not even a ha'penny.

Feel free to contribute if you see something missing, or if you have ideas for feats, powers, or anything else.

The BasicsEdit

The goal here is to make a Mass Effect game playable using the Dungeons and Dragons 4e ruleset. Don't have the 4e ruleset? Go out and pick it up! We'll (eventually) have everything you need to convert the rule system to a Mass Effect setting, but you're going to need the base rules yourself.

First, we are working on the races of the Mass Effect Universe.

More may follow, but these are the ten we're focusing on. Strangely enough, these are the ten races available for play in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer game.

Next up, the classes.

These are the six classes present in all three Mass Effect games.

After that, some other miscellaneous things we're working on.

  • Biotic Explosions
  • Tech Bursts
  • Skills
  • Feats
  • Weapons
  • Implements
  • Armor/Shields/Barriers
  • ...and more!

Latest activityEdit